Hydro-Collagen Science

Our premium anti-aging cosmeceutical concept which combines state-of-the-art skin rebuild technology, customized skin care solutions, some finest cosmeceutical ingredients and the strictest standards of quality control.

Personalized Regimen

When it comes to professional facial procedures, customization is still a very new concept. Most anti-aging skin care procedures offer the same or similar products to all different skin types. Hydro-Collagen Science treatment is a personalized skin care regimen that provides the best matches for individual needs.

140 Skin Elements

Our efforts on product formulation aim at exceeding the expectation of our customers. 140 is the number of skin nutritional elements that we can find in healthy human skin. Hydro-Collagen Science treatment delivers an exclusive mix of cosmetic supplements that target at improving skin’s resilience and enabling skin rejuvenation effectively and almost instantly.

Highest Standards

Our commitment to top quality calls for the highest and strictest standards of professional practice. We use only the original and genuine products distributed by the world renowned pharmaceutical groups, guaranteeing that no unknown substances are mixed in our product list. All of our products and treatments have been approved by FDA and MFDS respectively of the United States and Korea, two of the most prominent authorities in drug safety in America and Asia.

NO.1 Laser Hair Removal Tech

We make the claim not from the sense of a marketing slogan, but from the fact that our system provides the best customer experience anyone may get from the market.


Without any pre-treatment, a customer will experience a speedy and pain-free hair removal session, thanks to the exclusive PRO-U Epid- Cooling SystemTM , an exclusive and patented technology that gives the skin a burst spray of -20ºC cryogen milliseconds before laser application. This unique cooling system ensures quick and instant ease of pain caused by high temperature, which, on the other hand, means high intensity of laser energy is retained to destroy the follicles, hence giving the best hair removal results.

Traditional pre-treatment cooling gel, which ineffectively reduces the painful feeling when applied less and shortly, or otherwise inhibits energy absorption when applied too much and for long, is bygone.

Our MEDILASE PRO-UTM system is also equipped with a beam delivery head spot of 24mm, makes hair removal treatment even easier and faster with this biggest size of applicator ever in the market.

720 Scan Genius

720 Scan Genius uses an extremely accurate method in photographic documentation to render 3D images.

720 Scan Genius

The 720 Scan Genius system consists of a set of 3D visual tools that can take over a hundred photo within seconds. Generated by an automated rendering software, the 3D image allows the patient to be seen from all angles. The system also takes all the shadows out of the image so the result is a true picture of the subject. It renders side-by-side comparisons and quantitative analysis much movie easily by capturing perfectly registered facial images with high consistency and repeatability. The results help develop move targeted treatment programs and track progress over time.